ITE Webinar Series – Voices of Diversity & Inclusion

What does diversity & inclusion mean to you in your day-to-day work? Why is it important? What have folks been doing to improve transportation by considering diversity and inclusion? Come join the ITE Oregon Section who is hosting a series of four virtual Section lunchtime meetings from February until April. A fifth student-specific session will also be hosted on the topic. These sessions are open to all ITE members (as a Joint Sections Meeting through the support of WesternITE) and conveniently placed in the lunchtime hour (Pacific).

Sessions are free to ITE members by registering at the WesternITE website. Proceeds from non-member fees will be contributed with the WesternITE Student Endowment Fund.Save the Dates:

  • February 17th – Voices of Thought Leaders
  • February 24th – Business Voices in Transportation
  • March 3rd – Agency Voices in Transportation
  • March 31st – Voices of Professional Societies you may not know of
  • April 7th – Voices of Students

February 17, 2021 ITE Meeting

Transportation Liability and Risk Management

Time: 11:30am to 1:00pm

Location: Zoom Meeting

Cost: FREE!

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Rock Miller will be presenting on liability in traffic crashes with a focus on defense for public agencies and designers. He will discuss and include the following:

  • How liability laws apply to California public agencies and designers.
  • Where areas of major liability exposure can exist.
  • How agencies and designers can reduce their risk.
  • Why it is sometimes better to settle than to fight.

The material is condensed from the popular 8-hour class that Rock co-instructs for UC Berkeley Tech Transfer Program: Meeting the Challenges of Transportation Liability and Risk Management.