Joining ITE NorCal increases your professional marketability and helps you stand out from the crowd.  Taking advantage of ITE’s industry resources, professional development, networking and leadership opportunities will advance your skill set, and your career. And, with a wealth of discounts on ITE events and publications, you won’t go broke in the process.

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Why Join?

ITE NorCal membership should be a high priority for planners, engineers and others with a passion for transportation and who want to broaden their knowledge, capabilities and professional networks.  Joining ITE NorCal provides a forum to build relationships that can help you solve problems, share ideas, learn, and grow in the transportation profession from any stage of your career.  Current students to seasoned professionals all benefit from their involvement in ITE NorCal.

As a member of ITE NorCal, you join a dynamic, interactive group of nearly 17,000 transportation professionals in 92 countries dedicated to solving today’s transportation challenges and advancing their transportation-related careers.

Membership Benefits

Career Development

Because transportation is such a specialized field, getting practical in-house training or finding effective continuing-education opportunities can be difficult and expensive.  ITE NorCal tailors its activities to keep profes­sionals at the cutting edge of transportation trends primarily through monthly luncheon programs that highlight the latest transportation technologies, issues and Northern California projects.  At the national level, ITE provides training through its highly popular annual meetings.

Technical Excellence

ITE NorCal focuses on providing a platform to achieve technical excellence both for the profession and the individual.  ITE publications with discounted pricing for members provide insight into cutting-edge information in transportation, where changes are constantly emerging and research is ongoing.  ITE  also provides a certification process through its Professional Traffic Operations Engineer (PTOE) exam that demonstrates requisite knowledge, skill and ability in the specialized application of traffic operations engineering, and that provides a competitive advantage for members interested in advancing their careers.

Networking Opportunities

ITE NorCal provides numerous opportunities to share information and meet other professionals in the transportation field.  Through monthly luncheons and other programs, members can dramatically expand their professional networks and develop relationships that last a career.  Our members can share experiences and perspectives on issues with people they grow to know – and be only one email or call away from support and advice.

Promoting the Profession

ITE NorCAL seeks to enhance the transportation profession by increasing awareness of accomplishments, recognizing professional achievement and developing better skills to contact and communicate with the public.  ITE provides its members an opportunity to become recognized in the profession through awards, leadership in ITE through volunteer opportunities, research and/or elective office.  ITE Western District Annual Meetings include sessions targeted to improve public-involvement methods and avenues of contact regarding transportation.