SB 743

NorCal ITE is pleased to provide a central location to access various SB 743 implementation resources for local agencies, consultants, and interested members of the public. This is not a complete list, and information may become outdated as the practice continues to evolve. Please read our disclaimer before accessing files.

California Statewide Travel Demand Model

      • CSTDM VMT Data (3-17-16)
          • Spreadsheet showing VMT/capita and VMT/employee information by traffic analysis zone (TAZ) for the entire state for the base year of 2010 and the horizon year of 2040. In the spreadsheet tabs, the 2010 data is noted using a _10 abbreviation and the 2040 data is noted using a _40 abbreviation.
      • CSTDM_v2.0_TAZ Data
          • Shapefile for viewing the TAZ map using GIS software.
      • CSTDM_v2.0_TAZ Statewide.kmz
          • kmz file for viewing the TAZ map using Google Earth (free download). When using the kmz file, analysts should navigate to the zone of interest, click on the map, and then watch for the TAZ number to pop up.

Reference Documents

Sample TIA Guidelines

Agency Guidelines
Sacramento Area Council of Governments Final deliverables will be published following the conclusion of Local Agency Working Group (LAWG) meetings
San Diego Region Guidelines for TIS in the San Diego Region – May 2019
City of San Diego Draft Transportation Study Manual
Western Riverside Council of Governments WRCOG Sample TIA Guidelines
San Jose Transportation Analysis Handbook
San Francisco Transportation Impact Analysis Guidelines
LADOT Transportation Assessment Guidelines
Pasadena Pasadena Transportation Impact Analysis Guidelines
Caltrans Draft VMT-Focused TISG

Draft Transportation Analysis Framework (TAF)comments due 06/15/20

Draft Transportation Analysis under CEQA (TAC)comments due 06/15/20


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