News Update: Assembly Bill 43

This news update is provided for informational purposes only. NorCal ITE is not taking a stance on this legislation.

What is AB 43?

AB 43 attempts to address the methods that municipalities are allowed for setting legally enforceable speed limits on streets within their jurisdictions.   

For example, AB 43 seeks to change the California Vehicle Code sections pertaining to the setting of speed limits setting:

  • Requires traffic surveyors to take into account the presence of vulnerable groups, including children, seniors, the unhoused and persons with disabilities when setting speed limits;
  • Permits cities to lower speed limits beyond the 85th percentile on streets with high injuries and fatalities, and ensures they will not have to raise a speed limit on a road if there have been no design changes; and limits the need for updated traffic surveys on certain streets; and
  • Provides for greater flexibility in setting school speed limits.
  • Allows for 25 mph speed limits in downtowns without the need for a speed survey if listed factors are met.

AB 43 also seeks to eliminate the reference to the California Roads Systems (CRS) in the “speed trap” section of the CVC

AB 43 is the result of almost 2 years of discussions by the California Secretary of Transportation’s  “Zero Traffic Fatalities Task Force”. Information about this Task Force may be accessed through the following links:,reduce%20traffic%20fatalities%20to%20zero