January 15, 2020 ITE Meeting

Innovative Mobility in the Sacramento Region

Too often innovative mobility is focused on new technologies, urban areas, and autonomous vehicles. While new technologies and changes in vehicles play a big role in transportation disruption, a truly innovative and multimodal transportation system is built on existing assets, tests new ideas, and fosters creativity and public private partnerships and serves all types of communities. This includes people with disabilities, low-income, and older adults and youth. The Innovative Mobility program brings together the most promising strategies of best practices from Civic Lab, transportation behavior change programs, lessons learned over the past two years, and creates a framework for increasing public-private partnerships to develop and deliver measurable pilot projects and programs. This program is also designed to be agile and responsive to new opportunities in our region.

Time: 11:30am to 1:00pm

Location: Rancho Cordova City Hall 2729 Prospect Park Drive Rancho Cordova, CA, 95670

Cost: FREE!

Speaker Bio: Adrienne works on strategic initiatives for the Sacramento Area Council of Governments, helping to build a culture of innovation in government. Adrienne manages SACOG’s Civic Lab and Innovative Mobility accelerator programs, where she works with the 28 cities and counties in the Sacramento region to design and launch pilot projects that address land use and transportation challenges that are too big to solve alone. She has an MBA from West Virginia Wesleyan College and is currently enrolled in Stanford’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship program.