June 16, 2021 ITE Meeting

City of Sacramento: Slow & Active Streets and Criteria & Guidance for Creative Crosswalks

Time: 11:30am to 1:00pm

Location: Zoom Meeting

Cost: FREE for ITE Members, Students, and Sponsors; $5 General Admission


The City of Sacramento launched a Slow & Active Streets pilot project to support our communities’ physical and mental health while protecting Sacramentans and promoting social distancing.

Sacramento Slow & Active Streets is the prioritization of walking and biking by limiting through traffic on residential streets. Simple tools such as temporary signs and cones are used to divert through traffic and slow drivers on these streets.

These partial closures of low-speed residential streets are to encourage physically-distanced walking, biking, and skating in the roadways.

In order to move forward with this pilot, city staff assessed other similar programs in the state and country and established some guidelines for eligibility, but then allow the communities to drive the process by nominating streets in their own neighborhoods, host informational meetings, and ultimately vote whether or not to support the installation of the pilot.

Crosswalks are an essential part of the City of Sacramento’s transportation network as they facilitate roadway crossings for pedestrians. Creative crosswalks are crosswalks that include decorative elements (textures, patterns, or colors) installed between the white transverse lines that frame the crosswalk. Creative crosswalks are purely aesthetic and can contribute to the visual quality of the streetscape and create a sense of place or identity of a neighborhood or district. While there are no specific artistic standards established in the design of creative crosswalks, the function, design, and appearance of crosswalks are governed by the California Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (CA MUTCD).

The City of Sacramento regularly receives requests from the public to install creative crosswalks, so the City established these criteria and guidance to establish a transparent and consistent framework that conforms to required governing standards while also enabling placemaking opportunities for the installation of creative crosswalk treatments. The criteria and guidance establish eligible applicants, application processes, design standards, related required criteria for implementation of creative crosswalks.