June 17, 2020 ITE Meeting

Estimating Traffic Counts When There’s No Traffic


White paper: https://www.kittelson.com/ideas/white-paper-estimating-traffic-volumes-under-covid-19-pandemic-conditions/

Webinar Recording: https://www.kittelson.com/ideas/estimating-traffic-volumes-when-theres-no-traffic/

Survey link: https://www.kittelson.com/ideas/2-minute-survey-help-us-understand-post-pandemic-commutes/


The presentation will:

  • Unpack a 4-step methodology for developing defensible estimates of existing and future travel demand, to keep projects moving forward despite unusual travel patterns during COVID-19
  • Provide case studies showing where and how it’s recently been applied
  • Discuss what the next few weeks and months may hold for traffic counts
  • Answer questions from attendees through a Q&A facilitated by Alex Garbier

Time: 11:30am to 1:00pm

Location: Zoom Meeting

Cost: FREE!